Swaddle blankets for child seat

Swaddle blankets for child seats
Make sure that your child is safe and feels comfortable – even during the longest car trips. Discover the possibilities given by the well-proven swaddle blankets for child seats from Bolo.pl. Check out the available variants and choose the product that will accompany your child.

Swaddle blankets for child seats – what should you know about them?
Bolo swaddle blankets are products used for travels. As the name suggests, they are intended to be installed directly in the child seat. All of that to care for the comfort and protection of the young one.
Each product has an ergonomic design that allows placing it both in child seats with three-point and five-point safety belts. They are the perfect solution for children from the very first day of their life up to 12 months.
Inside, each of our car swaddle blankets is made of high-quality 100% cotton (certified according to Oeko-Tex Product Class 1). The outer part is made of 100% velvet fabric while the filling – of silicon non-woven fabric with anti-allergic properties.

What child seat swaddle blankets are waiting for you in our e-store? Why they are worth it?
On Bolo.pl, there are high-quality car swaddle blankets waiting for you in three color versions. You can choose between the following variants: pewter, gray and pink, which means that you can easily choose a product suitable for a boy or a girl. All blankets are one-size-fits-all so that they will without any problems be used until your child reaches the age of one.
The high level of protection of the child is an unquestionable advantage. However, they child’s comfort is another crucial aspect. Thanks to the use of proper materials, the young one may travel in perfect conditions – without the need for additional jackets or overalls.

How to place an order for a child seat blanket?
Shopping in our online store is easier than you may think. In order to buy a great swaddle blanket – add it to the shopping cart, fill in the necessary details, pay for the order and wait for the product to arrive directly at the indicated address! Remember that apart from the blankets our assortment also includes many other handy solutions, such as: bathrobes, cloths, or even adorable kimonos. Happy shopping on Bolo.pl!

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