Swaddler for baby car seat – pink


The Bolo swaddler for baby car seat is sewn from powder pink quilted velvet and white spotted certified cotton. It is filled with breathing silicon non-woven fabric with anti-allergic properties. Thanks to the special design, it does not restrain the child’s movement at all. It ensures comfort regardless of the duration of the trip.



The Bolo swaddler for baby car seat in the pink color variant is a model that will be suitable for carriers with a 3-point and a 5-point fastening system. Thanks to the special design, it fits nicely to the child’s body and provides it with great protection against excessive cold ruing walks in autumn and winter. It can also be used in various models of strollers. The swaddler replaces warm clothes and helps quickly dress or undress the baby to secure it against overheating. This product is intended for children from the first days of their life up to the age of 12 months.


  • wash in a washing machine at temperature of 30°C, delicate program – max 800 rpm
  • iron only the cotton side
  • do not use bleach; for washing, use agents for delicate fabrics
  • do not dry in tumble dryers
  • it is recommended to wash before first use

In order to preserve the product in the best condition, please follow the maintenance rules.

Additional information


Inner side: 100% cotton certified by Oeko-Tex class 1 Outer side: 100% polyester – quilted velvet


Recycled anti-allergic silicone non-woven fabric


Length: 88cm (+/-2cm), width: 95cm (+/-2cm)






The product must be used under the supervision of an adult.


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Swaddler for baby car seat – pink
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