Bamboo swaddle blankets

Bamboo swaddle blankets for children and babies

Swaddle your child with warmth, care and sensitivity. Choose well-proven bamboo swaddle blankets – made of durable and completely safe materials. Check out our rich offer that waits for you directly in our e-store.

Bamboo swaddle blankets – what should you know about them?

Bolo swaddle blankets offer a rich assortment of delicate, stylish and useful products that can accompany your child from the first days of their life. They constitute a perfect form of protection against cold and heat – they can serve as a light and airy duvet or a “temporary” towel. You will be able to easily use it as a mat to place on the floor or bed, or even as a unique soft to for your baby. Each of them has characteristic decorative tassels that are not only adorable but also slightly improve the functionality of such products. Above all, however, they serve as a stylish decoration :).

The presented swaddle blankets are produced on the basis of bamboo (100% so-called bamboo viscose) which is characterized by exquisite softness and is very pleasant to the touch. They ensure perfect thermoregulation parameters, provide great protection from UV and absorb unpleasant odors.

With proper care (delicate washing at maximum temperature of 30 oC or ironing at temperature below 150 degrees), the blankets will stay useful for a very long time. Both for you and your baby.

What type of swaddle blankets are waiting for you as part of the offer of Bolo.pl? Why should you buy one?

Especially for parents and, above all, their children, we have prepared many ready-made variants of our reliable products. Because of that, our online store offers swaddle blankets:

  • In two most popular sizes – 110 x 130 and 80 x 100 cm, which will allow to adjust to your child’s needs.
  • In many pattern and color variants – you will discover even a dozen bamboo swaddle blankets with multi-colored patterns of flowers, leaves as well as fruit. Available colors include, among others, pink, beige, brown, green, yellow, blue and many more.

We also offer special swaddle blankets in premium versions – with aloe vera. This will help you easily the right product according to the child’s age and sex or even – to match the style of their room, stroller or pieces of clothing.

How can you order those bamboo products?

Shopping on Bolo.pl is very easy! All you need to do is choose and then add products to the shopping cart, fill in the required information, make the payment and wait for the delivery to arrive at the address you provided!

P.S. Apart from standard bamboo swaddle blankets, our assortment also offers you products designed for child seats and travels.

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