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Are you looking for a functional product to cover your baby? We recommend you choosing a poncho made of innovative bamboo-cotton fabric which can provide your child with a high level of protection when the weather suddenly changes while your little one is outside playing. Read on to check why it is still worth spending money on a poncho made of certified fabric.

What is a child poncho?
A poncho is an outer garment that can serve as a blanket, towel or sweatshirt. It can be used during a bike trip or at the playground. What is more, it is a great solution when playing on the beach or in the garden if the child gets cold out of sudden. In such a case, it is worth having a pleasant to touch poncho towel instead of clothes or products that limit child’s movements.
In a nutshell, a poncho is a type of outer garment that is mainly to keep the child’s body warm. Its loose cut and permanently sewn-in hood guarantee the following:
• effective maintenance of the temperature of baby’s body,
• protection of the head against wind or strong sun,
• lack of restrictions concerning the movement.

In what situations is a poncho a real must-have?
A poncho for girls or boys constitutes an essential item during all summer trips – it ensures thermal comfort and absorbs moisture in an effective way. Moreover, thanks to its small size after folding, you can take it with you basically everywhere. A poncho serves as:
• A towel – it covers the child’s body right after swimming in the sea or in the lake in an effective way. What is more, it can replace a classic bath towel used after daily activities.
• Additional outerwear – do you need an extra sweatshirt or sweater unexpectedly? You can use our baby poncho towel. Its oversize cut makes it really comfortable. As a result, children love them for the freedom of movement it provides.
• A blanket – it’s time for an afternoon nap and you don’t have a blanket at hand? Enjoy the benefits of a pleasant to the touch poncho towel. Wrap your baby in a soft fabric to keep the little one warm and help him or her sleep without any disturbances.

Discover the advantages of Bolo, check our offer and order a beach poncho for your child!
At Bolo, we guarantee that each product is manufactured with love for children in mind. Consequently, we focus on the highest quality of fabrics we use. We observe the order deadlines and always guarantee access to secure online payments.
Moreover, we encourage you to check other products that could prove useful during holiday trips. We offer much more than bamboo kimonos or blankets for children. Provide the youngest ones with a sense of security no matter what the circumstances are.

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