Bathrobes for children

Bamboo bathrobes for children

Swaddle your baby with warmth to ensure their comfort and increase their sense of safety. Check out the wide offer of kids bathrobes and more – created to satisfy the special needs of young children.

What are bamboo bathrobes for children?

Every bathrobe is made of 100% bamboo viscose. Thanks to the use of this raw material, our products for children exhibit the following properties:

  • Practical – they perfectly absorb water after bath.
  • Thermal – they ensure perfect body thermoregulation of every baby.

Thanks to high basis weight (of 500g/m2), the products are very pleasant to the touch and, what is more, remain durable. Their structure, color and general condition will be preserved even after many washes.

What types of bamboo towels for children wait for you in our store?

Now, there are two available size variants of bamboo bathrobes for children: 86 and 92/96. What is more, each product is available in three different color variants: classic white, light gray and pastel pink. Thanks to that, you can easily find a bathrobe suitable for a boy and a girl.

Regardless of the size or the color – each piece has:

  • A comfortable belt to fasten and adjust the bathrobe.
  • A convenient pocket that you can use to hide e.g., a brush in it.
  • A stylish hood – with a lovely and adorable teddy bear face.

What are the advantages of bamboo bathrobes for children?

If you are still looking for the answer whether such product will be of any use for you – below, you will find several arguments for “Why should I?” Check out and see for yourself!

  • Versatility – this type of garments is a perfect solution for babies and young children at almost any age.
  • Comfort of use – every bathrobe is very soft and, as a result, really pleasant to the touch. Products ensure perfect thermoregulation and, additionally, quickly and efficiently absorb moisture.

How to place an order for a bamboo bathrobe from Bolo.pl?

All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps. In order to do that – choose and click on the product you want to buy. Then, add it to the shopping cart, provide the necessary information and simply pay for your order. Remember that apart from comfortable bathrobes, our online store also offers other bamboo products. Be sure to check out swaddle blankets, towels and kimonos available on Bolo.pl.

And if you are looking for ideas for a perfect and useful gift – bear in mind that each product will be a great solution that you can give someone as a present.

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