Bamboo blankets

Bamboo blankets for children and babies
Ensure that your baby always feels safe and comfortable and their sensitive skin is well-protected. Check out our rich selection of bamboo blankets and choose the one that will be perfect for your child.

Bamboo blankets for children – what are they?
Every blanket available as part of our assortment was made of high-quality bamboo yarn that provides perfect protection for the sensitive skin of every child. This raw material also exhibits other desirable properties and, as a result, it serves as a perfect solution for people with allergies.
One should also mention and highlight the flexibility and quality of the blanket. With proper care (delicate washing in 30 degrees) – the product will serve you and your child for a very long time.

Types of bamboo blankets that you will find in our online store
Bolo.pl offers an impressive selection of products, among which you will find:
● Regular blankets in light and standard version, available in 4 color variants (cream, blue, pink and gray). The products are available in size of 80×100 cm.
● Blankets with hood and beautiful tassels – in the size of 80x80cm, which makes them a great product for babies.
Thanks to such a wide selection, you will quickly and easily find the solution for a girl or a boy. And should you need any help – remember that we are always at your disposal!

Why such a blanket will be to the benefit of your child?
Are you still wondering whether the purchase of a blanket made of bamboo is a good idea for your young one? Then, learn about several key advantages of our blankets that you can soon check out yourself!
● Versatile use – you can use it as a standard cover on a summer day, a coverlet, or a swaddle blanket e.g., after bath. This type of product will be perfect as a soft toy that will accompany your child during plays, walks or even naps.
● Safety – the raw material used in the production has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effects. What is more, it neutralizes unpleasant odor.
● Ease of use – the blanket is soft, pleasant to the touch and helps in preserving the perfect temperature of the child’s body (protecting against excessive cold or overheating). Those are the properties of every blanket made of bamboo viscose.

How to purchase bamboo blankets from Bolo.pl?
You are only three easy steps away from it. Firstly – choose the product that you want. Secondly – add it to the shopping cart. Thirdly – fill in your details, pay for the purchase and wait for the quick delivery. Bear in mind that apart from wonderful blankets, our online store Bolo.pl also offers you other bamboo products. Be sure to check out, among others, the following categories: towels, swaddle blankets, as well as kimonos and many other propositions.
Each of those will be a perfect gift – for a current or future mom!

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