Blankets for children and babies

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Knitted blankets for children and babies
Cozily swaddle your child to ensure their sense of security and full comfort for their delicate and sensitive skin. Choose from many available knitted blankets that will accompany your young one at home as well as during travels.

What are knitted blankets for children and what they can be used for?
This type of blankets is available in a whole spectrum of user-friendly and safe products that will easily accompany your child – even from the earliest days of their life. We produce the blankets from cotton and bamboo viscose. As a result, the product is beautiful, durable and, above all, offers perfect functional parameters. It should be highlighted that they are a perfect solution for people with allergies.
With proper care (washing at low temperature) – you and your child will be able to use the blanket for many years.

What knitted blankets are waiting for you in the Bolo.pl store?
Our assortment of blankets can be divided into three main sub-groups. In the first one, you will find blankets that are made 100% of bamboo (so-called bamboo viscose). The next group is comprised of 100% cotton blankets. The last assortment group includes blankets that are a combination of 50% cotton and 50% bamboo. As part of those products, we offer for example standard blankets in the size of 80 x 100 cm, blankets with tassels (in the 80 x 80 cm variant), as well as some additional variants – in the light version.
Thanks to the use of certified bamboo and cotton yarn, the composition of the offered products has no artificial compounds that could cause reddening, irritation or allergic reactions. Thanks to the universal size, our blankets have applications other than just for the crib. They will be perfect for walks and travels – to be put in the stroller or on the child seat.
This category includes a wide selection of soft knitted blankets designed for children and babies and produced only from pre-selected raw materials. Every blanket available in the offer of Bolo.pl has been manufactured in Poland, with utmost care and attention to the smallest details. All of that to ensure that the young ones can feel safe and comfortable, regardless of the year season and weather conditions. The yarn used for the blankets has been certified according to Oeko-tex Standard 100.

Why should you choose our blankets?
If you are still wondering whether high-quality Bolo blankets will be a good choice for your child – here are several arguments that will help you make the correct decision.
● Firstly – our knitted blankets have a very wide and versatile use. You will easily use it to cover your child just after bath, during their sleep in the crib, or even during walks with a stroller or in the child seat.
● Secondly – those products provide perfect comfort and a high level of protection These factors have been mainly achieved thanks to pre-selected raw materials that have proper certification and come only from verified suppliers.
● Thirdly – the above-average convenience of use. The blankets are very pleasant to the touch and have thermoregulation properties. That is why they can accompany your little one in almost any situation.
Of course, each knitted blanket is available in several color versions. Here, you will find standard white and gray as well as products in pastel pink or shades of blue.

How can you buy such a blanket for your child?
Thanks to our intuitive online system – your shopping will be fast, easy and convenient. In order to purchase a blanket – check out the assortment, choose the product you are interested in, add it to the shopping cart and then follow the instructions. The whole process will take you just a few moments and the purchased knitted blanket will be delivered in 2 – 3 days!
Remember that in our offer you will find various types of blankets for children. You can choose from those made of bamboo, pick one made of 100% cotton, as well as go “fifty-fifty” with cotton and bamboo blankets.

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