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Another season to be spent at the beach is approaching and you still don’t own a practical, functional and designer beach towel? We recommend you choosing a product made of an innovative bamboo-cotton fabric. It’s the perfect beach towel suitable both for children and adults. Learn about its advantages and find a model meeting all your preferences.

What is so special about innovative bath towels and beach towels by Bolo?
Bath towels or beach towels are products designed for individuals who appreciate minimalism at its best. They are made entirely of a delicate bamboo-cotton fabric. As a result, they are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. What is more, the innovative weaving method translates to the lack of visible loops in their structure increasing comfort during use.
Moreover, designer bath towels included in our latest collection have the following features:
• above-average water absorption offering a real impact on the user’s satisfaction,
• compact size after folding guarantees taking up very little space – compared to traditional towels, this difference can be up to 70% of the volume.
• anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties, consequently, it is safe to use even on very delicate baby skin,
• the fabric it is made of has a certificate proving that it is safe to use and poses no risk to the environment.

Who are bamboo-cotton beach towels intended for?
Our beach towels are made of an innovative bamboo-cotton fabric. These products will delight you with their delicacy and ability to absorb the optimal amount of water and moisture. If you want to have a 75 cm x 150 cm bath towel which takes up little space in your suitcase, backpack or bag, you should choose this model. You will surely enjoy the advantages.
You can use our products:
• during the training at the gym,
• while resting on a beach,
• at home after taking a bath,
• on holiday as a size on luggage really matters then.

What else should you select from our offer apart from large bath towels suitable for adults and children?
Go to the Bolo online store to find hooded towels, bamboo swaddles and premium muslin diapers perfect for your child. These products are made of delicate, soft and durable fabrics and with unique prints. We apply the knowledge concerning the needs of the youngest which guarantees 100% satisfaction with products you buy. Bear in mind that our prices are always competitive, online transactions are safe and orders are processed without delay!

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