Kimonos for children

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Kimonos for children
Give your baby a stylish and comfortable piece of clothing that will protect them against cold, soothe them as well as make them simply look adorable! Check out our offer of bamboo kimonos for children and decide which one will you dress your child in.

What are bamboo kimonos for children?
Bamboo kimonos are stylish and very comfortable pieces of clothing that will accompany your child on numerous occasions. They constitute the perfect alternative for regular clothes as well as bathrobes. They can be a great piece of clothing put on immediately after bath. What is more, they can also be used at the beach.
All the kimonos available in our online store Bolo.pl are offered as one-size-fits-all. Kimonos have wide sleeves and waist adjustment. As a result, they can “grow” with your child and serve them even for many years.

What types of bamboo kimonos can be found on our online store?
All the presented products are in one, universal size – perfect for children from 2 to 5 years old. It does not mean, however, that your options are limited. We provide you with access to various patterns, including: kimonos with flowers, the sun, a beach, etc. Thanks to them, you will easily find a kimono that will be suitable for a boy or a girl.

Why is it worthwhile to add a bamboo kimono to your child’s wardrobe?
There are many reasons “for”. So, please allow us to list and discuss only the most important ones. Namely:
● Firstly – a kids kimono has a very wide range of applications. You can easily use it to protect your young one just after the bath, as temporary clothing (put on e.g., before sleep) or even as a regular piece of garment that your child will wear on a daily basis. Our proprietary kimonos also perform well during visits to the beach, at a swimming pool and many other places!
● Secondly – kimonos are safe. In the production process, we use 100% bamboo viscose that is a perfect solution e.g., for people with allergies. What is more, it is very pleasant to the touch, which is particularly important for the sensitive skin of every child.
● Thirdly – it is durable and will stay with your child for a long time. And that is thanks to the universal size as well as functional parameters. They ensure the perfect condition of the kimono – even after many washings.

Do you want a kimono like that? See the instructions on how to place an order on Bolo.pl!
Choose the product that you are interested in, add it to the online shopping cart, and then fill in the necessary data, pay for the order and wait for the delivery.
Do you know that apart from bamboo kimonos we also offer many other safe and verified products for children of different ages? Visit our store to check out, among others, our assortment of towels, blankets, or even swaddle blankets. Each of them will be perfect for your child as well as a great gift for a future mom!

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