About us

Close your eyes and imagine the delicate skin of your baby… It is you who has been responsible for their health, development and sense of security since their day of birth. With Bolo, parenthood will be much easier. Our mission is to search for the best solutions and test brand new combinations. And all of that to give you the opportunity of purchasing a finished product. A product that will satisfy all your and your child’s needs.


A place created with the youngest in mind

For 7 years on the Polish market

Hundreds of products that will provide your child with comfort every single day

Thousands of satisfied customers who have already trusted us

Tailor-made products adjusted to your needs!

Every day at the Bolo workshop, we pay attention to details and improve our next projects in order to meet your expectations. Everything is carefully planned. The purpose of every idea, strategy and action is to increase your child’s comfort and sense of security even more.

There is now room for compromise here!

Premium quality

We care for the highest quality of fabrics, pay attention to their origin and processing method. Proprietary patterns are admired by even the most demanding parents while their delicacy and softness satisfy the needs of all children. You can use their properties as well for the everyday care over your baby, for instance: to warm the sensitive body of your child, cover it from harmful UV radiation or dry it after bath. 

Let us take care of your baby

At Bolo, we know that parenthood means making difficult decisions and bearing the consequences. 

Learn about our offer and design for your child a space that will have a positive impact on their health from the very first days of their birth. Use ready-made products that have a perfect finish, great parameters and are waiting for you in our e-store. 

Your child is a miracle. Together, we can provide them with even better care. 

Trust us 😇

Bolo — the task force for special purposes and accomplishing miracles!

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