Bath and beach towel 75x150cm – honey stripes


A bath towel  an essential item you need to pack for summer holidays. It makes you feel comfortable, effectively absorbs moisture, it is lightweight and dries very fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to the beach, pool or lake, a beach towel serves as a practical and stylish accessory that will allow you to enjoy peaceful time and playing in the sun.



A bath towel constitutes an indispensable element of our daily care routine. It makes us feel comfortable, it helps in maintain hygiene and drying quickly after taking a bath. The innovative bamboo-cotton fabric absorbs moisture from the body in a perfect manner. As a result, our skin is dry and feels comfortable. This is especially crucial when you use it while staying at the beach, where you are exposed to wet sand or water on many occasions.

A towel can serve as a must-have during a holiday spent by the sea, lake or at the swimming pool. This towel is designed in a special way so that it is larger and characterized by increased functionality to ensure maximum comfort when being used at the beach or pool. After folding the towel, it takes up little space. This quality can prove very useful when we have limited space in our suitcases.

We can  wash and dry it without any problems, which allows you to keep it clean and in a hygienic condition for a long time.


  • wash in a washing machine at temperature of 40°C, delicate program – max 800 rpm
  • iron at temperature up to 150°C
  • do not use bleach; for washing, use agents for delicate fabrics
  • avoid softeners and products containing sodium carbonate
  • after washing, shake the towel firmly so that the fibbers absorb some air, as a result, the towel remains fluffy after drying
  • pilling is a natural process that occurs when you use this product
  • it is recommended to wash before first use

Please follow the rules of maintenance to keep the product in the best possible quality.

Additional information


70% bamboo viscose 30% cotton


75x150cm (+/-3cm)




The fabric has the Oeko-Tex 100 Class I Certificate


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Ręcznik kąpielowy plażowy miodowe pasy
Bath and beach towel 75x150cm – honey stripes
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