Relaxing baby hair brush with natural goat bristles





Give your little one a moment of relaxation and pleasure with our relaxing baby brush. This gentle and unique brush was created for babies’ sensitive skin to provide them with a soothing and safe massage.

The most important features:

  • Bristle: Natural goat hair
  • Handle: Beech wood
  • Intended use: Relaxing massage for babies
  • Safety: Gentle to the skin

Our relaxing baby brush is equipped with the softest, natural goat bristles, which are known for their softness and gentleness. These bristles are ideal for babies’ sensitive skin, providing a gentle and pleasant massage that supports blood circulation and relaxes the baby.

The brush handle is made of durable and ecological beech wood, which is pleasant to the touch and fits perfectly in the hand, making it easier to use. Natural materials used in the production of the brush are safe for children and environmentally friendly.

Regular use of a relaxation brush can help build the bond between parent and child, as well as support the healthy development of the baby’s skin and hair.


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szczotka relaksacyjna dla niemowląt
Relaxing baby hair brush with natural goat bristles
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